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Hydrogen Equipment

We offer equipment enabling you to easily, produce, store, regulate and utilize hydrogen for fuel cell usage. 

Here, we have set aside everything hydrogen, including electrolyzers, hydrides, regulators and fittings, sensors and a medley of other hydrogen related accessories.

If you can not find exactly what you are looking for, let us know! We can help design custom fuel cell kits at low prices for practically any renewable energy application. Contact us here: contact page for more information.

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Electrolyzer Hardware - Square
Electrolyzer research and development provides the crucial link to make the renewable energy conc..
From $4,247.00

Fitting for HydroSTIK
Straight fitting designed for use with both old and new versions of the Horizon HydroSTIK metal h..
Based on 2 reviews.

H2S Fuel Cell Sorbent Protection Filter
Why Risk Your Fuel Cell Investment? Protect your fuel cell investment by adding the H2S Fuel Cell..
Based on 1 reviews.

High Pressure 1-Stage Regulator
Compact high pressure 1-stage regulator for use with lecture bottle or other cylinder with a CGA ..

High Pressure 2-Stage Regulator
The High Pressure 2-Stage Regulator was designed and constructed for both high purity and general..

HYDROFILL PRO (FCH-020) is a “hydrogen on demand” desktop refueling station designed for easy and..
Based on 3 reviews.

Hydroknowz Hydrogen Sensor
The Hydroknowz Hydrogen sensor uses a catalytic sensor to measure hydrogen in air up to 25,000 pp..

HYDROSTIK PRO is a convenient hydrogen storage solution to fuel your hydrogen powered devices. Ho..
Based on 4 reviews.

KnowzNet Hydrogen Multi-Sensor
The KnowzNet Hydrogen Multi-Sensor is an excellent tool for lab safety.  This unit can opera..

Panterra Hydrogen Sensor (TCOND)
Panterra-TCOND uses a thermal conductivity sensor to measure percentage of Hydrogen concentration..

PowerKnowz Hydrogen Sensor
The PowerKnowz is a cost effective solution for either on-board safety monitoring for hydrogen or..

Protisen Hydrogen Sensor
ProtiSen is designed with a small form factor for space sensitive applications, and features a ca..

Replacement Indicating Drierite
DRIERITE (8 mesh) desiccants are made from the naturally occurring mineral, gypsum (Calcium Sulfa..
From $38.00

BL-20 Metal Hydride
The BL-20 metal hydride has a Hydrogen Capacity of 20-21 standard liters (0.76-0.80 scf) and a re..
From $892.00

BL-30 Metal Hydride
The BL-30 metal hydride has a Hydrogen Capacity of 30-34 standard liters (1.14-1.3 scf) and a rec..
From $912.00