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Kit Accessories

We offer a wide variety of kit accessories to fit your experimental needs. Browse our selection from wires, solar panels, fuel cell loads, silicon tubing and more! With most of our accessories, we provide more than a single size or type to help you find the accessory that works best for your application. These small parts are great to help you complete do it yourself kits or expand an existing experiment set up.

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Fuel Cell Start / Run Block
The Fuel Cell Start / Run Block is intended to provide the power required for starting up a fuel ..

Gears, Wheels and Axles - For Fuel Cell Car Kits
Gears, wheels, and axles that can be used in building model fuel cell cars.  There are 3 lar..

H-Cell 2.0
THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. We are keeping the page active for customers who have previou..
Based on 2 reviews.

H-TEC Battery Box - A115
H-TEC's Battery Box (A115) case is used to power electrolysers for the production of hydrogen and..
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H-TEC Power Supply 15 W (4mm)
H-TEC's Power Supply 15 for operation of the Electrolyser 65, particular exhibition sets, and oth..

H-TEC Power Supply Junior 6W (2mm)
H-TEC's Power Supply Junior 6W, 2mm (A145) is capable of providing the energy necessary to operat..
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H-TEC Solar Module Basic
This product is discontinued.  There is only 1 left in stock. H-TEC's Solar Module Basic..

H-TEC Solar Module Tutorial
H-TEC's Solar Module Tutorial with magnetic holder allows three different inclination angles. &nb..

H-TEC Solar Module Tutorial Double
This product is discontinued.  There are only a quantity of 3 left in stock. H-TEC's Sol..
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Hand Crank S5
The Hand Crank Generator S5 is a 6.3V, 0.2A manual-powered generator that simulates wind pow..

Horizon Motor Fan
The Horizon Motor Fan is a spare component that is included in the Horizon Educational Products l..

Horizon's Renewable Energy Monitor
Voltage, current, power, joules, resistance and even RPM speed available at the touch of a button..
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HYDROSTIK PRO is a convenient hydrogen storage solution to fuel your hydrogen powered devices. Ho..
Based on 4 reviews.

LED Base
The LED Base is a spare component that is included in the Horizon Educational Products listed bel..

Male Valve
The Male Valve is a spare component that is included in the H-Racer 2.0 kit. Features: ..