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Fuel Cell Testing

Finalize and professionalize your fuel cell and membrane electrode assembly designs with our state of the art testing equipment.

Temperature controllers, pressure regulators, load balances, energy monitors, moisture traps and much more are offered here in our fuel cell testing selection. We provide a wide variety of the tools your lab needs for clear and concise measurements to regulate and improve quality, standards and efficiency.

Find a quality testing fixture to fit your budget today, at the Fuel Cell Store.

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Heated Vacuum Table
The Heated Vacuum Table is primarily used for the preparation and coating of Catalyst Coated Memb..

7-Cell Dismantable Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stack
This Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) stack is ruggedly built and designed for ease of use and as..

7-Cell Dismantable PEM Fuel Cell Stack
This fuel cell stack is ruggedly built and designed for ease of use and assembly and disassembly ..
From $6,890.00

Electrically Heated PEM Research Cell - 5cm²
Building on the strong history of PEM fuel cell research and test data using 5cm² cells, the elec..

Electrolyzer Hardware - Round
This is a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer Hardware which consists of an anode, cathod..
From $3,750.00
Based on 2 reviews.

Electrolyzer Hardware - Square
Electrolyzer research and development provides the crucial link to make the renewable energy conc..
From $4,611.00

Electronic Load ECL-450
ECL-450 Electronic Load - Conforms to the directives of the European Community for safety in labo..

Expandable PEM Research Test Cell - 50cm²
Building on the strong history of PEM fuel cell research and test data using 50cm² cells, the Exp..
From $5,627.00

Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 3.0
The Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 3.0 by H-TEC, can calculate the efficiency and electrical characteristi..

Fuel Cell Stack Humidifier - 250W
The 250W Stack Humidifier uses patented planar membrane based technology to humidify and heat the..

Fuel Cell Start / Run Block
The Fuel Cell Start / Run Block is intended to provide the power required for starting up a fuel ..

Fuel Cell Voltage Monitor - CVM1
Monitor voltages for battery systems and fuel cells with the Cell Voltage Monitor (CVM) by Fuel C..
From $1,495.00

Horizon's Renewable Energy Monitor
Voltage, current, power, joules, resistance and even RPM speed available at the touch of a button..
Based on 1 reviews.

Interchangeable Test Hardware - 25cm²
Fuel Cell Store’s Single Cell Interchangeable Test Hardware was designed by one of the leading co..
From $2,485.00

Liquid Electrolyte Matrix Assembly
Liquid Electrolyte matrix assemblies which consist of Pt Catalyst with silicone carbide coat..