200W PEM Fuel Cell Stack, ECU, and Peripherals for Light Electric Vehicles

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200W PEM Fuel Cell Stack, ECU, and Peripherals for Light Electric Vehicles is a product that can be used for electric bikes, e-mobility applications, or hydrogen bikes as the main application itself, though other applications that need electrical power in the range of 0-200 Watts will also greatly benefit from this fuel cell based power generator.  PEM fuel cell stack technology is based on the liquid cooled concept which extends the operational lifetime significantly compared to other open cathode design based concepts. 

Package Includes:

✔ 200W PEM fuel cell stack with liquid cooling feature
✔ Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
✔ Stack integrated cooling pump
✔ Temperature sensors, proportinal valves, purge valve
✔ Stack integrated radial blower
✔ Media connectors

Output Performance:

✔ Electrical Voltage Range for PEM Stack: 9 - 22 V DC
✔ Number of Cells in the PEM Stack: 22 Cells in bipolar configuration
✔ Electrical Power: 200 W nominal
✔ Electrical Current: 18 A (at nominal power)
✔ Operating Temparature Range: 5 - 62.5 deg C
✔ Efficiency: ~48% at 200 W

Hydrogen Fuel and Oxidant Requirement:

✔ Hydrogen Purity: >99.99% (CO content being <1 ppm) or hydrogen 3.0 (dry)
✔ Air: Ambient air (non-humidified)
✔ Hydrogen Inlet Pressure: 1 - 4 bar (g)
✔ Hydrogen Consumption: ~3.0 - 3.2 L/min (at nominal power)

Environmental Characteristics:

✔ Ambient Temperature: 5 - 62.5 deg C (use of liquid cooling brings the advantage of operating a higher temperatures compared to the open cathode design based PEM fuel cell stacks)

Physical Characteristics:

✔ PEM Fuel Cell Stack Size (mm): 155 mm X 85 mm X 95 mm
✔ PEM Fuel Cell Stack Net Weight: 1.65 kg
✔ Couplings Included: G 1/4" (female thread) for Cathode Inlet, G 1/8" (female thread) for anode/cooling, and cathode outlet ports

This is a made-to-order product and has a typical lead time of 6 - 8 weeks.

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