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In combination with Ballard Power Systems' leadership and expertise in the development and manufacturing of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, Ballard Material Products (BMP) introduces its AvCarb™ Grade-P50T carbon fiber paper.  Specifically developed for gas diffusion layer (GDL) applications in PEM fuel cells and other applications requiring a conductive substrate, AvCarb P50T is a carbon particle-filled, polyacrylonitrile (PAN) based carbon fiber paper manufactured utilizing BMP's exclusive AccuCarb continuous carbonization process.  Under development for over two years, Ballard's AvCarb P50T has the potential for becoming the lowest cost GDL available, thus providing a stimulus for the growth of fuel cell applications.

AvCarb P50T is the result of Ballard identifying key electrical, mechanical and gas/liquid diffusion properties needed by GDL users and designing a product to meet those requirements.  AvCarb P50T is a baseline product that can be design modified to optimize specific performance characteristics.  With its hydrophobic coating, the AvCarb P50T minimizes the effects of moisture exposure, enhances performance, provides durability and facilitates handling.

AvCarb P50T has a Teflon wet-proof coating applied to it.

AvCarb Carbon Paper Properties
Material Type Carbon Paper Substrate
Nominal Thickness (@ 1psi / 0.7 N/cm²) .180 mm (180 microns)
Nominal Thickness (@ 7.3psi / 5.1 N/cm²) .160 mm (160 microns)
Nominal Basis Weight 62 g/m3
Break Strength machine direction 15.2 MPa
Break Strength cross machine direction 7.6 MPa
Stiffness machine direction 8.5 Taber
Stiffness cross machine direction 3.1 Taber
Bulk Density (@ 0.69 N/cm3 / 1psi) 0.34 g/cm3
Air Permeability (Gurley) through-plane 50 sec/100cc
Air Permeability (Gurley) in-plane 596 sec/100cc
Compressibility ((22N - 113N)/22 x 100%) 12.5%
Through-Plane Resistivity 11.7 mOhm*cm²
Substrate PTFE Treatment 13 wt%
Microporous Layer (MPL) None

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