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Solvay Aquivion® PFSA Dispersions

Aquivion® PFSA dispersions contain the acid form (R-SO3H) and are available in various solvent systems, Equivalent Weights (EWs), and concentrations. FuelCellStore is currently selling the aqueous based Aquivion® PFSA dispersions (>99% water and no ethers).

Solvay Aquivion® dispersions (also called ionomers) are based on the Short Side Chain (SSC) perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) polymers.  The combination of Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and Sulfonyl Fluoride Vinyl Ether (SFVE) F2C=CF-O-CF2CF2-SO2F not only yields the SSC composition, but it also makes Solvay Aquivion® dispersions quite different than other commercially available dispersions. The unique Short Side Chain copolymer allows higher crystallinity, improved mechanical properties, and better proton conductivity compared to Long Side Chain forms of the PFSA dispersions. Solvay Aquivion® PFSA ionomers are currently being offered in chemically stabilized and standard forms. Any product that is manufactured with chemically stabilized dispersion (such as self-supporting membranes, mechanically reinforced membranes, MEAs, CCMs, catalyzed electrodes, etc.) will exhibit substantially lower fluoride ion release compared to the standard ionomer (also called non-stabilized ionomer) – a sign of improved chemical durability.  Chemical stabilization process is also known as end group conversion in which a large amount of polymer end groups are converted to their inert "CF3" configuration, and as such provides excellent lifetime. 

Solvay dispersions are available in the acid form (H+) and features a lower EW than most commercial proton exchange membranes or cation exchange membranes. 

Key Advantages:

• Very high concentration of functional groups (i.e., sulfonic acid sites) for strong proton (or Na+, K+, Li+, etc.) conductivity
• High softening point for high temperature operation well above 80 ºC
• Strong water retention within the membranes for better low-humidity electrochemical device operation

Comparison of Short Side Chain (SSC) and Long Side Chain (LSC) PFSA Polymers:

Aquivion® PFSA’s short side chain makes it possible to achieve either better mechanical properties at the same IEC (ion-exchange capacity) or a higher ion exchange capacity (IEC) at the same mechanical properties than the long side chain polymers (LSC).  The side chain comparison of Short Side Chain (SSC) and Long Side Chain (LSC) PFSA membranes from a chemical composition perspective is provided below.

Typical Applications:

• Catalyst ink preparation for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, PEM electrolyzers, electrochemical hydrogen pumps, electrochemical oxygen concentrators, electrochemical inerters, and numerous other electrochemical technologies
• Manufacture or repair of cation exchange membranes or proton exchange membranes
• Synthesis of super-acid catalysts
• Surface treatment of PTFE membranes to improve their wetting behavior
• Manufacture of self-standing and mechanically reinforced ionically conductive membranes
• Components for electrochemical devices (OLED, Li-batteries, etc.)

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