GI-N417 PTFE Fabric Reinforced Perfluorosulfonic Acid (PFSA) Membrane

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GI-N417 PTFE fabric reinforced membrane is a perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) cation exchange membrane combining outstanding chemical resistance with a strong polytetrafluoroethylene fiber reinforcement.  This membrane can be used for salt/water electrolysis, electroplating, chlor-alkali process for generation of ClO2 and other disinfectants, gold salt preparation, amino acid refining, caustic soda preparation, electrodialysis, and other similar electrochemical applications. GI-N417 is 0.26mm (0.010 in) thick.

Considering GI-N417 broadens your horizon by providing an equally valuable avenue to explore, alongside Nafion N324/424/438.

The GI-N41X series membranes belong to the category of PTFE fabric reinforced membranes and the stated reinforcement has the open mesh form and it is completely different than ePTFE (which has a 3-dimensional porous structure).  Presence of the PTFE fabric based mechanical reinforcement further increases the strength of the N-41X series membranes, minimize excessive swelling, and reduce physical dimension change. These PFSA membranes are based on the standard resin grade and it does not have any chemical stabilization for the endgroups of the PFSA polymer chains.  


GI-N417 is shipped in the dry form.  Additional pre-treatment protocols are provided in the document below.

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Operational Instruction Guidelines for How To Use This Membrane Product

GI PFSA Membrane Properties
Polymer Composition Perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA), standard grade without endgroup stabilization
Membrane Type Cation or Cation Exchange Membrane
Mechanical Reinforcement Type PTFE Fabric Reinforced (Open Mesh style)
Membrane Average Thickness ~260 micrometers (or 0.010 inch)
Tensile Strength (transverse, 23 deg C, 50% RH) ~50 MPa (ASTM D882)
Young's Modulus (23 deg C, 50% RH) Undisclosed
Elongation At Break ~120% (ASTM D882)
Specific Density 1.35 (Internal Method)
Conductivity ~0.083 S/cm (GB/T 20042.3-2009)
Hydrogen Crossover ( Undisclosed
Hydrogen Crossover Current (mA/cm2) Undisclosed
Acid Capacity 0.95 to 1.05 meq/gram (GB/T 20042.3-2009)
Water Content 5% +/- 3% (ASTM D570)
Water Uptake (100 deg C, 1hr) 50% +/- 5% (ASTM D570)
Thickness Change ~10% (from 50% RH at 23 deg C to water penetration at 100 deg C)
Linear Expansion ~5% (from 50% RH at 23 deg C to water penetration at 100 deg C)
Equivalent Weight 950 to 1050 EW
Presence of Sacrificial Gas Release Fibers None
Monolayer or Bilayer Structure Monolayer membrane

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