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The Adapter for HYDROFILL PRO allows for a direct connection to HYDROFILL PRO Hydrogen outlet, enabling the HydroFILL PRO to be used as a source of ultra-pure hydrogen for various applications. It is a straight adapter with no valves, pressure regulators, etc.  This adapter allows access to the hydrogen generated by HYDROFILL PRO via a 1/8" plastic line (approximately 24" long) suitable for use with Swagelok or other fittings.

When used in conjunction with the HydroSTIK Fitting it could be used to provide remote filling of HydroSTIK metal hydride canisters.  This would permit users to explore or manipulate the fill rate of the HydroSTIK by placing the HydroSTIK in a bath of ice-water to speed the fill rate, or warm water to slow it.

It also allows use of the HydroFILL PRO to fill other metal hydride canisters (for example our Metal Hydrides) or even a compressed gas tank (but only to 435 psi).

Please exercise caution and prudence when working with high pressure hydrogen.  When working with hydrogen and metal hydrides, be sure the lines are thoroughly purged.  The presence of any air, oxygen, moisture, or other contaminates in the lines in the presence of the metal hydride and hydrogen may result in a damage to the hydride and possibly a combustion event.

This adapter works with all models of the HydroFILL PRO and HydroSTIK PRO educational fuel cell units.

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