Fuel Cell Test Stand

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This Fuel Cell Test Stand is completely refurbished and provides full automation capabilities, flow control, etc. This test stand is capable of operating (2) single cells simultaneously and independently or small fuel cell stacks. Priced at $33,000, this system costs significantly less than a new, manual, single cell test stand and is less than half of its' retail price.

Technical Specifications:

• Dimensions (L x W x H): 32.0 x 23.0 x 43.0 inches
• Approximate Weight: 220 lbs
• Dual Load Bank capable of 250W dissipation
• Maximum Input: 20V / 50A (current shunt is 50A, however this is exchangeable) with 10-channel CVM
• Temperature Control Unit with 4 controllers with temperature provided by thermocouples (6A per channel / Max 20A total)
• Pressure Monitoring Unit with 6 pressure ports (0.0 - 5.0 psig)
• 2 - Hydrogen Mass Flow Control Units (3.5 SLPM full flow)
• 2 - Air Mass Flow Control Units (11 SLPM full flow)
• 1 - Dual Nitrogen Mass Flow Control Unit (2 SLPM full flow for anode purge)
• 1 - Dual Nitrogen Mass Flow Control Unit (20 SLPM full flow for cathode purge)

All gas flow boxes are currently fluidically interconnected to allow for single point per gas connection. This unit has Ethernet interfaced through an included Linksys 24-port Ethernet Switch (model: EF4124).

This unit was originally built in November 2009, however, all MFC's were recently cleaned and re-calibrated by Alicat (documentation included). Control is accomplished by using FC Power Software (available from Fideris Innovative Solutions), Labview, or other programming language.

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