PBI TM2 Membrane For Intermediate Temperature PEMFCs

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PBI TM2 Membrane with Phosphoric Acid:

PBI TM2 membranes are PBI membranes doped with phosphoric acid for high temperature PEM fuel cell or H2 pump applications. Typical application temperature is around 130-180°C depending on the catalyst, electrode, cell and performance requirements. 

The TM2 membrane is 3-4 mil thick and is available in many sizes. For the convenience of different users, the standard sizes are nominally: 10x10cm, 10x20cm, 20x20cm, 20x30cm, and 30x30cm. Each membrane is packaged individually in a resealable bag with a stiff polyester support layer and polyethylene protective layers on top and bottom.

The weight of phosphoric acid in TM2 membrane, if calculated at 85% concentration, is about 4 times (3.5-4.5) the PBI weight. Since the membrane is already doped with acid, it can be used by removing the packaging and positioning it between suitable electrodes. If desired, a small amount of phosphoric acid can be brushed on the catalyst layer of the electrodes before compressing the MEA together to improve the interface. Because TM2 membrane contains phosphoric acid, use caution, and avoid direct contact.  Use chemical resistant gloves and tweezers when handling.

The polymers in TM2 membrane are meta-Polybenzimidazole as shown below.  

No PFOA and PFAS - PBI Performance Products doesn’t use Perfluroroalkyl Substances or Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, collectively known as PFAS (which includes Perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA), in the manufacture of meta-PBI.

Applications that cab benefit from this product:
•Intermediate temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells (130-180 °C)
•Intermediate temperature electrochemical hydrogen pumps (130-180 °C)
•Intermediate temperature electrochemical hydrogen purification (130-180 °C)
•Intermediate temperature electrochemical sensors (130-180 °C)


The lead time is typically 2-3 weeks for this product.


Membrane Properties
Membrane m-PBI with phosphoric acid doping
Thickness 0.003-0.004" (or 75 to 100 micrometers)
Appearance / Color Cloudy / Orange
Conductivity (mS/cm) >100 mS/cm at 150 deg C after its activation with phosphoric acid

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