High Performance Alkaline Air Diffusion Electrode (ADE) with Non-Precious Metal Catalyst

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High performance alkaline air diffusion electrode (ADE) is manufactured with a proprietary non-precious and non-platinum group metal catalyst.  The substrate of the electrode is based on the nickel foam.  The catalyst/MPL is coated on one side of the nickel foam.  The back side is laminated with a porous PTFE film.

This alkaline air diffusion electrode has a thickness of ~0.82-0.85 mm.  The dimensions of the electrode is 12 x 12cm.


Some of the major advantages of this alkaline air diffusion electrode can be summarized as:

  • High current density capability (up to 500 mA/cm2 depending on the type of the electrolyte and reactants used)
  • Proven long lifetime (greater than 12,000 hours demonstrated in the lab)
  • Low cost non-precious metal catalyst


Electrochemical Performance in a Zinc/Air Battery:

The following performance curve is the testing of the alkaline air diffusion electrode with a zinc-air battery cell using 30 wt% alkaline electrolyte.


Applications that can benefit from this electrode:
  • Metal-air batteries with alkaline or neutral electrolyte
  • Alkaline fuel cells with liquid electrolyte
  • Alkaline fuel cells with solid membranes such as anion exchange membranes
  • Lithium-air batteries
  • Metal-hydride air batteries
  • Air reduction-based chlor-alkali electrolysis (also known as cathode depolarized chlor-alkali electrolysis)
  • Zinc-air batteries
  • Magnesium-air batteries


A typical lead time of 2-3 weeks to be expected for this product.

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