Customer Reviews

CT Carbon Cloth with MPL - W1S1009
Very easy and very quick service
04/27/2016Kasper Vestentift
Toray Carbon Paper 030, Wet Proofed
Superb product! Received the carbon paper with a crack, and the support was simply amazing. They sent me a replacement at no cost. Worked extremely well in construction with my microbial fuel cell - 5 stars!
03/09/2016Evan Ye
Gas Diffusion Layer Variety Kit
Very nice, I learned a lot from the kit.
02/17/2016Xin Zhao
Toray Carbon Paper 030, Wet Proofed
Very good
01/26/2016Hailiang Wang
Double Electrolyzer Kit
This stuff is wonderfull, so quiet and well designed.
01/22/2016Fitria Rahmawati
Solar Module Tutorial Double
01/19/2016Dzung Nguyen
Toray Carbon Paper 060, Wet Proofed
01/06/2016Hailiang Wang
AvCarb MGL190
AvCarb MGL 190 works as good as Toray 060.
01/06/2016Hailiang Wang
Mylar Laminate (Self-Adhesive) - 9" x 10"
Great stuff. I wish it was cheaper and I can get a larger piece per one order though.
11/19/2015Wesley Luc
Carbon Black - Vulcan XC 72R
Awesome product, turn-around, and customer service.
11/05/2015Bret Quist
Toray Carbon Paper 030, Wet Proofed
Works good
10/28/2015Neelesh Ullal
Hydrogen Air MEA - 5 Layer
Good MEA.
09/30/2015Paweena Prapainainar
20% Platinum Ruthenium on Vulcan
good performance!!
09/30/2015Paweena Prapainainar
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell MEA - 5 Layer
good performance!
09/30/2015Paweena Prapainainar
Junior Basic
I received this kit at a recent energy workshop and brought it back to my classroom at the end of the year. My students were fascinated with the technology. We first hooked it up to a battery for an energy charge and then went outside to compare.
07/29/2015Barbara Hawes