Replacement MEA for 1-Cell Rebuildable PEM Electrolyzer

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This is our standard MEA for the H-TEC 1-Cell Rebuildable PEM Electrolyzer. This MEA is a direct replacement for the one that comes in the 1-Cell Rebuildable PEM Electrolyzer.

The catalyst loading for this MEA is 2mg/cm² of IrRuOx on the anode and 0.5 mg/cm² of 60% PtC and 0.25 mg/cm² of PtB on the cathode side. This allows for maximum operation in Hydrogen/Air mode and Hydrogen/Oxygen mode.

Though the cell is rebuildable, we recommend replacing the MEA each time the cell is dismantled due to delamination. The delaminated MEA can be reused, but you should expect to see a decrease in power. This is because of increased resistances as the MEA delaminates.

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