Catrode alkaline water electrolysis electrode (PGM-free)

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Catrode® is a precious metal free (also known as platinum group metal free) alkaline water electrolysis electrode that can be used both at the anode and catrode compartments.  The substrate is based on the stainless steel fiber felt (also known as metallic diffusion layer) that is activated through a proprietary innovative electrochemical treatment process in order to establish electrochemically active Ni-Fe electrocatalyst particles directly on the surface of the fibers without any polymeric binder materials.  During the electrochemical activation process, first the surface area is increased by selectively removing the chromium component from the stainless steel (which is an alloy for its compotion) and then migration of nickel to the surface of the fibers and hence generation of Fe-Ni catalytic surface layer. Elimination of the binder during the process allowed the novel electrodes made via this process to work across a wide range of alkaline environment such as 0.1 Molar to 5 Molar.  Pictorial comparison of the pristine felt and activated felt products are given below.  The electrode has a thickness of ~0.5 mm.

The front (below, image on the left) and back side (below, image on the right) images of the Catrode® electrode are given below.


Applications that can benefit from Catrode® electrodes:

  • AEM based alkaline water electrolyzers
  • Zero-gap alkaline water electrolyzers
  • Alkaline electrolyte containing devices where the main electrochemical reactions are either oxygen evolution reaction and hydrogen evolution reactions
  • Alkaline oxygen concentrators, etc.

Alkaline fuel cell and alkaline battery based electrochemical devices may also benefit from Catrode® electrodes, though this would require certain modifications and please contact us at for more information.


Performance comparison of commercial activated nickel foam to Catrode® electrode is given below (constant current mode at 200 mA/cm2 using 3M KOH electrolyte).


Polarization curve comparison of commercial nickel alloy electro to Catrode® electrode is given below (using 3M KOH electrolyte).

3-4 weeks of lead time is to be expected.

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