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Membranes by Brand

In order for a fuel cell to operate, a membrane is needed that will carry the main ion of interest (such as a proton in a PEM fuel cell application or a hydroxyl in an alkaline fuel cell) between the anode and cathode electrodes without passing the electrons that were removed from the hydrogen atoms. These polymer membranes will conduct ions through the membrane, but are reasonably impermeable to the gases, serve as solid electrolytes (vs. liquid electrolyte) for variety of electrochemical applications, and are commonly known as Proton Exchange Membrane and/or Polymer Electrolyte Membranes (PEM) or Anion Exchange Membranes (or AEMs). Membranes are one of the key components for various consumer related applications for fuel cells, e.g. automobiles, back-up power, portable power, electrochemical sensors, etc. Due to its application for many consumer markets, the technology keeps on evolving to make these membranes suitable for longer duration, and even high temperature operations.

There are multiple players in the domain of membrane manufacturing and Fuel Cell Store brings you the largest variety of membranes in the world from various suppliers (such as Chemours for Nafion membranes, Solvay for Aquivion membranes, Fumatech for Fumapem and Fumasep membranes, Xergy for a large number of Xion composite membranes, Versogen for PiperION membranes, Dioxide Materials for Sustainion membranes, Porex for Porex membranes, etc.) for the following category of membranes: cation exchange membranes which as also known as proton exchange membranes, anion exchange membranes, bipolar membranes, and microporous separators.