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The 5kW Stack Humidifier uses patented planar membrane based technology to humidify and heat the fuel streams going to the fuel cell, by directing the incoming dry gas across one side of a water permeable flat sheet membrane and flowing the hot humidified air stream from the fuel cell exhaust across the other side of the membrane. The membrane transfers the heat and water vapor from the wet stream to the dry stream while preventing the oxygen from crossing over.

The 5kW Stack Humidifier consists of a pleated membrane cartridge with plastic injection molded flow-field inserts and housing design for low power (5 kW) low temperature (70°C) fuel cell applications such as telecom back-up power and stationary power. The manufacturer of these humidifiers does not recommend them for use with hydrogen gas.

Current lead time is approximately 4 - 6 weeks to ship.


•  Planar Membrane Humidifier
•  Designed for 3-10kW fuel cell systems
•  Low cost manufacturing process
•  Replaceable membrane cartridge
•  Excellent heat and humidity exchange
•  Operated in gas to gas or liquid to gas mode
•  Low gas cross-over
•  Designed for low pressure systems
•  Patent pending design


Applications:  Material Handling, Back Up Power, Portable Power, Residential combined Heat and Power (CHP), Automotive

Cost Effective Design & Manufacturing

Through the use of low cost materials, advanced polymer-based membranes and a streamlined manufacturing process, the 5kW Stack Humidifier provides a superior solution for fuel cell humidification.
•  Low Cost - high volume manufacturing using injection molded components and inexpensive materials
•  Compact - optimized exchanger design
•  Low Maintenance - no moving parts and fewer components
•  Proprietary Advantage - two patents granted and one in application
•  Ease of Serviceability - membrane pleat pack can be easily changed
Outstanding Performance
With over 1000 systems installed with 70 customers in 16 different countries, these Humidifiers are reliable and proven to supply excellent humidity exchange from the use of its revolutionary polymer membrane and counter flow design.
•  Low Pressure Drop - open channel design using Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling
•  Excellent RH Performance - membrane provides high water permeability
•  No Parasitic Losses - humidifier is a passive device, recycling heat and humidity from exhaust
Robust & Versatile
The patented polymer membrane and flexible design of the 5kW Stack Humidifier allows the system to endure extreme temperatures and varying pressure conditions.
•  Flexibility - use of alternative membranes based on lifetime and cost requirements
•  Hydrogen Safe - due to low H2 and Air cross-over humidifier can be used on both cathode and anode side
•  Temperature and Pressure Tolerant - able to handle -30 to 80°C in varying pressure systems
Manufacturing & Quality Control
•  Capacity to produce up to 12,000 humidifiers per year
•  Test lab with single cell membrane, full humidifier and longevity testing and analysis capability
•  Quality Management System implemented
•  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) & Finite Element Analysis (FEA) modeling skills
Humidifier Specs
Fuel Cell Rated Power 7000 Watt (7 kW)
Rated Flow 500 SLPM
Dew-point Approach Temperature < 9˚C
Maximum Pressure Drop Across Humidifier < 2.5 kPa
Lifetime > 5000 hours (membrane dependent at 10˚C Dew point Approach Temp)
Rated Continuous Operating Temperature 80˚C (membrane dependent)
Maximum Burst Pressure 150 kPag
Rated Continuous Operating pressure 35 kPag
Max Allowable Differential Pressure Across Membrane 35 kPa (Between Streams)
Dimensions 112 mm x 282 mm x 296 mm (4.4" x 11.1" x 11.7")
Size (L) 9.35
Weight 5.7 kg (12.6 pounds)
Materials of Construction SS, PP, PE, Acetal, Polyurethane
Power Requirement 0 W
Material Compatibility De-ionized water and air (*will not release compounds that adversely affect the fuel cell)
Minimum Freeze Thaw Cycles > 50 cycles from -20˚C to 65˚C
Gas Crossover < 3 L/min @ 21 kPag (Dry)
Maximum External Leakage 0 cc/min @ 50 kPag
Recycleability 100%

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