Electrically Heated PEM Research Cell - 5cm²

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Building on the strong history of PEM fuel cell research and test data using 5cm² cells, the Electrically Heated PEM Research Cell is a robust development tool using well established materials, techniques and quick assembly features.  These features make it ideally suited for sample screening, research and development, and educational purposes.

Fluids are in contact with materials that have proven compatibility with PEM fuel cells, which include ultem, fuel cell grade graphite plates, stainless steel (SS316) and silicone.

The unique sealing gaskets are simple, and reliably accommodate MEA's of varying thickness.

No tools are required for assembly / dissassembly and with the integrated pneumatic bladder you will always be able to monitor cell compression.  Ports are provided into each manifold and can be used for either temperature or pressure monitoring.

The PEMFC Research Cell is intended for use as a single cell and uses electric heater plattens for temperature control. Additional plate sets can be added to create a stack that generates more power using standard MEAs.


  • Single Cell, 5 cm² (Additional Plate Sets can be purchased to expand the test cell)
  • Pneumatic compression system
  • Electrically heated
  • Operating temperatures up to 150°C
  • No MEA's included (Standard MEA's can be purchased. Contact us about custom MEA configurations)
  • Fitting Set (either Metric or Imperial / English)

Additional fitting sets are available for purchase in either Metric or Imperial / English sizes.

Lead time of three to four months to be expected. Please contact us for more accurate lead times.
Active Area:  5 cm²
Number of Cells:  1
Thermal Management:
• Individual cartridge heater for Anode and Cathode. (120 VAC or 240VAC)
• Thermowells with 1/8” Swagelok fittings provided for temperature control
Plate Material:  BMC940
Wetted Materials:  Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Silicone, Ultem, Graphite
Fluid Connections:  #4 SAE Ports with ¼” Swagelok port connectors (others available)
Compression System:  Pneumatic compression, ¼” tube fitting
Max Operating Temperature:  150°C
Max Operating Pressure:  50 psig
FlowFields:  Serpentine (others available on request)
Buss Plates:  Copper, Gold plated (not wetted)
Overall Dimensions:  5” x 5.8” x 6.8” high (127mm x 148mm x 171mm)
Weight:  11 pounds

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