Cell Voltage Monitor CVM-Ext24P

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This product has been discontinued as of May 2023.

Cell voltage monitor kit for H2 fuel-cell stack research and applications can be used to prevent damage to individual cells, to monitor lifetime conditions, and to ensure optimal working conditions in applications.

Cell voltage monitor kits are complete sets ready to use in your special application. They can be connected directly to a PC with USB interface or to a PLC using RS485 bus or CAN bus.

Kits are based on CVM24P module, which is designed as a precise automotive-ready solution mainly for hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzers research, testing and applications. For cost-effective solution for applications see CVM32A module and kits. For general temperature and voltage monitoring see TEVOMET.

Cell Voltage Monitor CVM-Ext24P Includes:

• 1x CVM24P
• 2x XC2 bus plug
• 2x IDC plug for channels
• 1x clamps for IO, CAN and chaining
• 4x spacers
• 1x enclosure extension


• 24 channels per one CVM24P module
• Channel voltage range -5V to 5V
• Multiple modules can be chained to get more channels
• A/D converters resolution 24-bit
• Input impedance ≥ 1 MΩ
• Sample rate up to 500 sps
• Cell connection via 26-pin IDC connectors
• Compatible with all other modules (KMS, DIN-rail I/O modules, Tevomet, ...)
• Communication XC2/RS485 bus and CAN bus, MODBUS RTU (in development)
• Opto-isolated IO (1x digital output, 1x digital input)


• H2 fuel-cell tests stands
• H2 fuel-cell application monitoring
• Electrolyzers monitoring
• Control systems

System Modularity:

• Cell voltage monitoring system consists of:

• One power and communication module KMS-PWR
• Number of 24-channel modules CVM24P, depending on number of channels needed

• There are kits available with 48 or 120 channels, which can be extended with this extension kit that has 24 channels. For maximum number of modules, power supply distribution and isolation voltage must be considered. Maximum recommended length for those kits is 10 modules. For more channels, more kits can be chained.

Technical Specifications of CVM-Ext24P module:

• Power supply: 7 - 38 V DC / 1.5 W max
• Dimensions: 90 x 61 x 16 mm
• Mounting: DIN-rail and wall-mount holders for kit enclosures. Single module without enclosure: 4x mounting hole 2.7mm, hex spacers with M2.5 thread
• Channel count: Additional 24 channels. Multiple modules can be daisy-chained to measure hundreds of channels, custom sets for more channel available
• Channel voltage range: -5 to +5 V
• Input impedance: 1 MΩ
• Isolation: 2 kV between channels and power supply + communication bus Additional isolation can be provided by isolating bus segments
• Sampling: Precise 24-bit ADC. All-channel sample rate up to 500 sps
• Accuracy: 0.02 % of range + 0.05 % of reading
• Communication: CAN bus. RS-485 (XC2 protocol or MODBUS)
• I/O: Digital opto-isolated input and output
• Ambient operating temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C. (+85 °C to +125 °C module can be powered, measurement inactive)

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