Customer Reviews

Sigracet 39 BB
The stuff is excellent, and the shipping is quite quick.
02/18/2022Konlayutt Punyawudho
Teflon Gasketing - 12" x 12"
As expected.
02/16/2022Lea Clayton
Toray Carbon Paper 120, Wet Proofed
The wet proofing is great!
02/04/2022Jackson Stahl
Sigracet 39 BB
Asked to change the order to bigger size but they just sent it. but well received. Thanks
01/19/2022Sung Young Hong
Toray Carbon Paper 060, Wet Proofed
Hello Thank you for your cooperation. I think the delivery time is very good and quality also.
01/07/2022Jonghun Jo
Teflon™ FEPD 121 Fluoropolymer Dispersion
I am satisfied with the product and thank you for the fast delivery as well.
12/28/2021Jeong Ho Bang
CT GF030 Graphite Felt
Thanks for the good product.
12/15/2021seong-du jeong
Toray Carbon Paper 030, Wet Proofed
Thank you for your cooperation. Good enough
12/15/2021Sung Young Hong
Fumasep FBM - Bipolar Membrane
This membrane is robust and works well in my system. However, I wish there were clearer conditioning and storage instructions.
12/10/2021Jim Rasmussen
Fumasep FAA-3-30
Always trustful
12/09/2021Sung Young Hong
Fuel Cell Stack Humidifier - 1.5kW
12/06/2021kouji hattori
Fumasep FAA-3-50
Thank you for fast shipping
11/29/2021Jonghun Jo
Junior Pro
WARNINGS: (1) Indoors, where you must use an artificial sun, do not put your bright light source close to the PV panel.  A 125 - 150 Watt incandescent "construction" light should be 12 - 15" from the PV panel, to avoid overheating and cracking. (2) The system will sometimes mysteriously stop, or refuse to start, even in bright sunshine, if the fuel cell is "waterlogged", i.e. liquid water exhaust has clogged the flow passages. You need to clear those fuel cell passages by disconnecting the upper ends of both H2 and O2 lines from columns to fuel cell. Blow them out with a baby aspirator squeeze bulb, or by blowing thru the tubes to clear the water. (3) The large columns hold much water.  Keep them full, to reduce the startup time as H2 and O2 replace the air.  The columns will be heavy, easily escaping their magnetic bases if you carry them other than carefully and flat.
11/09/2021Bill Leighty, TLF
Junior Pro
People need to understand complete hydrogen energy systems, from photons and moving air and water molecules to "work", which is what we humans want, in its many forms from heat and light to motion and manufacturing.  Therefore, every H2 professional should have one of these, carry it everywhere, assaulting people in crowds with, "Want to see some hydrogen ?", as I did at my October '21 college reunion. Great fun. Meet lots of people. Good for Earth. See:
11/09/2021Bill Leighty
Junior Pro
This "Pro" version is worth the extra $ 100 price over the "Junior Basic", which is more robust, for school use, but where the bubbles are much less visible and dramatic.  The "Pro" version also easily assembles and disassembles for compact transport. Use a sports water bottle to carry your distilled water supply. Getting water back into your supply bottle from the "Pro" tanks is tricky, as you move to your next appointment.
11/09/2021Bill Leighty, TLF