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AvCarb Material Solution’s Gas Diffusion System MB30 combines AvCarb's proprietary carbon fiber paper, a PTFE treatment, and micro-porous layer coating, designed for the rigorous demands of specific fuel cell applications such as Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC), Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC), and Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells (PAFC).

Electrochemical Performance of Avcarb MB30 in a Single Cell Configuration:

The following IV curve provides the electrochemical performance of Avcarb MB30 GDL as the cathode GDL.  The anode side GDL was composed of Avcarb GDS3260 GDL (Source: June 2020 Newsletter by Avcarb).  Use of proper GDL materials for anode and cathode will increase the performance significantly and reduce membrane drying out or prevent flooding inside the cell.

AvCarb EP40 is the base carbon paper material used in the making of the gas diffusion system MB30.


AvCarb Gas Diffusion Systems Properties
Material Type Carbon Fiber Paper
Base Material AvCarb EP40
Nominal Thickness (@ 5.00 N/cm²) .205 mm (205 microns)
Nominal Base Weight 55 g/m²
Break Strength machine direction 12.0 MPa
Break Strength cross machine direction 5.0 MPa
Stiffness machine direction 12.0 Taber
Stiffness cross machine direction 6.0 Taber
Bulk Density (@ 0.68 N/cm² / 1psi) 0.28 g/cm3
Compressibility ((22N - 113N)/22 x 100%) 15.0%
Through-Plane Resistivity < 12.0 mOhm*cm²
PTFE Treatment Yes
Microporous Layer (MPL) Yes, on one side

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