Ultraflon MP-10

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This product has been discontinued. The manufacturer recomends Ultraflon MP-30 as a replacement.

This web page is only active for previous customers who need access to the specifications.


Ultraflon MP-10 is a granular-based PTFE powder and has a narrow particle size distribution and particle uniformity. It possesses an average particle size of 10 microns. This product exhibits superior thermal and chemical stability.

Typical Applications Include (but not limited to):

• catalyst or electrocatalyst additive to optimize the water management in fuel cells
• prevent the electrolyte flooding in alkaline fuel cells and anion exchange membrane fuel cells
• adjusting the hydrophobic/hydrophilic nature of electrocatalyst layers for fuel cells and electrolyzers
• adjusting the hydrophobic/hydrophilic nature of gas diffusion layers for fuel cells and electrolyzers
• binder agent for gas diffusion layers and microporous layers
• modification of the surface properties of bipolar plates and current collectors for fuel cells and electrolyzers
• dry lubricants, aerosols, specialty greases
• engineered polymer additive, polymeric compound additive, friction/wear reducing additive
• corrosion-resistant coatings, cookware coatings, mold release, lubricants and specialty oils

Typical Properties:

Property Unit of Measure Test Method MP-8T
 Appearance  N/A  Visual Observation  Pristine White
 Powder Bulk Density  g/L  ASTM D5675  410
 Average Particle Size  µ  Laser Particle Size Analysis  10
 Specific Surface Area  m²/g  Nitrogen Absorption  3
 Melt Point Temperature  °C  ASTM D5675  332


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