Fumion FSLA-725 (25%) PFSA Dispersion, Water Based

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"Fumion FSLA-725 (25%) PFSA Dispersion, Water Based" is a perfluorosulfonic acid based homogeneus solution that is used for catalyst ink preparation for PEM fuel cell and PEM electrolyzer during the MEA/CCM or electrode production, manufacturing of PFSA membrane via solution casting, solvent casting, tape casting, and generation of an ionically conductive medium in several other applications (such as chemical and electrochemical sensors, etc.).  The resin material is based on the short-side chain PFSA for this product.

This dispersion has 25% PFSA polymer for its ionically conductive polymeric material content with the rest being water based for the solvent system.  PFSA resin used to make this dispersion or ionomer solution is made from a chemically stabilized perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) / polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) copolymer in the acid (H⁺) form.  Chemical stabilization is also known as end-group stabilization.

Please note that PFSA dispersions contain solvents that may compromise the seals of the bottles if the solvents are left in direct contact with the lids for long periods of time. We recommend always storing the bottles in an upright orientation as soon as the shipment is received to lessen the likelihood of inadvertent leakage.

Please contact us if you plan to order over 1 Liter of various dispersions.

Please contact us at for the technical data sheets (TDS) and safety data sheets (SDS).

Note: We ship all dispersions in 25 mL increments to avoid additional Hazardous Shipping fees. 

Fumion FSLA-725 Technical Specification Sheet

PFSA Polymer Dispersions Properties
Equivalent Weight (EW) 720 EW
Polymer Content (wt. %) 25 wt% (± 0.5 wt%)
Water Content (wt. %) 75 ± 1
Specific Gravity 1.15 ± 0.04 g/cm3
Available Acid Capacity (meq/g, H+ polymer basis) 1.35 - 1.43
Viscosity (25 deg C) 15 - 20 cp

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