Customer Reviews

Platinized Titanium Fiber Felt
Very good!
02/27/2023Jim Rasmussen
Teflon™ PTFE DISP 30 Fluoropolymer Dispersion
Great product!
02/27/2023Xiaofeng Feng
AvCarb GDS2230
Great product!
02/27/2023Xiaofeng Feng
Fumasep FAA-3-50
Fumasep FAA-3-50 is used in our new electrolytic cell, the membrane is easy to handle and show great performance
02/23/2023Joseph Lehmann
Celtec - P Membrane for High Temperature PEM Fuel Cells
We are currently continuing the evaluation test of the product. So far so good, but we plan to purchase more of this product to continue further testing.
02/20/2023Keiji Fujiwara
Sigracet 39 BB
Thank you always
02/06/2023Kwangpyo Hong
Science Fair Fuel Cell Kit
really good except for battery box brick
01/30/2023Bradley burns
Titan EZ-1000 Stack
It's great performance. Let's me play for several time to see the long run.
01/30/2023Tanut Jomkaew
Sigracet 36 BB
Thank you always
01/26/2023Kwangpyo Hong
Water PowerWheel
Great Resource. Ordered this for teachers to introduce energy transformations and connect to local hydropower projects.
01/26/2023Rosemary Lopez
Titan EZ-180 Stack
Thank you for your cooperation. It's good quality
01/25/2023Jonghun Jo
40% Nickel on Vulcan
Very reliable
01/24/2023Inchul Hwang
CT GF030 Graphite Felt
01/03/2023seong-du jeong
Toray Carbon Paper 060, Wet Proofed
Carbon paper is working fine. Only problem is getting cracked during cutting.
12/28/2022Bijay P Tripathi
Titanium Fiber Felt
This is a very good product for electrolyzer. We can use it multiple times with proper handling
12/28/2022Bijay P Tripathi