Toray Carbon Paper 120, Wet Proofed

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Toray Paper 120 - TGP-H-120 - is a carbon fiber composite paper suitable for use as a catalyst backing layer. It has a total thickness of 370 um (microns). Toray Paper 120 is a great low-cost alternative to conventional woven carbon cloth Gas Diffusion Layer (GDL) materials.

Toray carbon paper 120 comes with a minimum of 5% weight wet proofing. The Teflon gives the carbon material a hydrophobic property to better function as an electrode backing material.

Quantity discounts, custom sizes, and custom wet proofing available upon request.

 Toray Carbon Paper 030, 060, 090, and 120 Data Sheet

A great subsitute for Toray Carbon Paper 120 is AvCarb MGL370. The MGL370 has similar specifications to Toray 120 and is much cheaper per sheet.

Lead time may be four to five business days.

*** By purchasing this good you agree that you will use the good(s) and their replicas for civilian use only, as described above, and you will never use them for the development or manufacture of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, biological or chemical weapons and missiles. If you decide to use the goods for any other application(s), you will immediately notify Fuel Cell Store in writing before using the goods in such other application(s).

Gas Diffusion Layer Properties
Material Type Carbon Fiber Paper
Thickness .37 mm (370 microns)
Bulk Density .45 g/cm3
Porosity (%) 78
Gas Permeability 1500
Electrical Resistivity (through plane) 80 mΩcm
Flexural Strength (MPa) 40
Flexural Modulus (GPa) 10
Tensile Strength 90
Surface Roughness Ra 8 µm (microns)
Electrical Resistivity (in plane) 4.7 mΩcm
Thermal Conductivity (through plane, room temp) (1.7) W/ (mk)
Thermal Conductivity (inplane, room temp) 21 W/ (mk)
Thermal Conductivity (inplane, 100°C) 23 W/ (mk)
Coefficient of thermal expansion in plane -0.8
Substrate PTFE Treatment 5 wt% (Standard)
Microporous Layer None

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