Sustainion® E30-50 Grade T

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20 cm x 28 cm sheets of Sustainion® Alkaline Anion Exchange Membrane E30-50 with PTFE support for easier handleability and greater strength. Presence of mechanical reinforcement improves the mechanical strength and also minimizes the swelling or physical dimension change issues.  It is moderately basic (i.e., alkaline) and designed for use with supporting electrolyte. In comparison with Sustainion traditional X37 membrane (which is a self-supporting membrane), the E30-50 Grade T membrane has reduced swelling and reduced metal crossover. It can be used in aqueous and some non-aqueous solvents such as propylene carbonate, and has potential to be used in flow-battery and many other applications.

This anion exchange membrane is supplied in dry form with the counter anion being chloride (Cl-) ion. Most standard applications would require this membrane to be converted to the hydroxide form by exposing them to a strong base (assuming that the ion of interest is OH- or hydroxyl ions). It is recommended to soak the membrane in a large bath of 1M KOH for 24 hours in order to convert the membrane from chloride form into the hydroxide form. This activation also helps in strengthening the membrane via crosslinking with KOH as identified by a recent NMR study.

This is a mechanically reinforced anion exchange membrane and the mechanical reinforcement is based on ePTFE (also known as expanded PTFE) which has a 3D pore structures and the ionically conducting material is encapsulated within those pores and on the surface of the ePTFE.

-Ligand is based on TMA
-Typical IEC: 0.9
-Suggested pH range: 2-11
-Resistivity in 1M KOH: ~1.1 Ω-cm2
-Resistivity in 0.01M KHCO3: ~8 Ω-cm2

6-8 week lead time to be expected.

Sustainion® E30-50 Grade T - Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

***Buyer represents and warrants that all uses of Product will be for Buyer's own use, which means, in particular, that Buyer will not sell, distribute, or transfer Product, whether directly or indirectly, to any class of trade (each a Product Diversion ). Any Product Diversion shall be considered a material breach of this Purchase Contract. The Products contain chemical substances not on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA ) inventory. Samples may be hazardous. Buyer represents and warrants that it will only use the samples for research and development purposes under the supervision of a technically qualified individual.

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