Nickel foam (80-120 PPI) - 1 mm

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Ultra-pure nickel foam is an ideal electrode for electrochemical devices that utilize alkaline chemistry or alkaline electrolytes.  Alkaline fuel cells with liquid fuels and oxidants, alkaline water electrolyzers, alkaline sensors, alkaline batteries, and any other electrochemical devices that would benefit from ultra-pure nickel foam either as the electrode, diffusion layer, or current collector can use this product.

Nickel foam is a soft foam for its material dexterity aspect and it has a very good compressibility with minimal mechanical clamping (either inside the electrochemical cell during the assembly, roller pin via manual force, or using a hydraulic press).


• 99.99+% pure nickel
• 80-120 PPI (number of pores per inches)
• 1 mm thick
• Width and length: 50 cm by 50 cm

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