Customer Reviews

Hydrogen Air MEA - 5 Layer
03/27/2020G. Bala Subramanian
Toray Carbon Paper 120, Wet Proofed
The paper is hard and fragile and cannot be bent.
02/24/2020Yun Jiang
1-Cell Rebuildable PEM Fuel Cell Kit
Excellent product. Easy to set up and use. Helped my daughter setup her science fair projects to test various fuel cell membranes with ease.
02/24/2020Jagannadha Bontha
(2) Hot-Press Aluminum Plates
Very nice plates
02/21/2020Qiang Sun
Titanium Frit
Worked very well as a catalyst support. Difficult to cut and tended to have rough edges.
02/21/2020Sean Overa
Kimwipes Delicate Task Wipers - 4.4" x 8.4"
Good quality.
02/14/2020Nuha Alhebshi
Teflon™ PTFE DISP 30 Fluoropolymer Dispersion
So far there is no any negative feedback from the user. Therefore, we considered there is no any issues on this product.
02/12/2020Vivian Te
Nafion™ 117
02/10/2020tatehiro shimizu
Carbon Black - Vulcan XC 72R
It was a great product for me.
01/31/2020Hanmin Jang
Nafion™ 211
The material is the industry standard!
01/29/2020Piran Kidambi
Plain Carbon Cloth - 1071 HCB
The carbon cloth quality is excellent!
01/22/2020Bernard Saw
Fumasep FAA-3-PK-130
01/22/2020Wei Chen
0.03 mg/cm² 20% Platinum on Vulcan - Carbon Cloth Electrode (W1S1009)
Works good!
01/22/2020Wei Chen
0.2 mg/cm² 20% Platinum on Vulcan - Carbon Cloth Electrode (W1S1009)
01/22/2020Wei Chen
Nafion™ 117
01/22/2020Wei Chen