Customer Reviews

Fumasep FAS-30
5 stars product
07/10/2019Victor Leung
0.3 mg/cm² 40% Platinum on Vulcan - Carbon Cloth Electrode
Good quality and reproducibility of data
07/09/2019Fernando G
Fumasep FAS-PET-130
Received on time, as described on the website.
07/03/2019Anand Kumar
Nafion™ 117
Excellent quality. Excellent customer service. Item is shipped safely and securely and arrives in great condition.
07/03/2019Donald Kahaian
Sigracet 29 BC
I was very surprised at the fast delivery first. It was shipped within a week of ordering and we were able to receive it promptly The goods came exactly and the quality of the package and the product (Sigracet 29 BC) Sounds good. I will order it next time
06/20/2019Chan Sung Park
D2020 Nafion™ Dispersion - Alcohol based 1000 EW at 20 wt%
Thank you for your prompt delivery.
06/20/2019Hiromitsu Matsuda
Sigracet 29 AA
It has good conductivity. I used it for battery electrode and it works great.
05/31/2019Fantai Kong
Nafion™ Membrane Variety Kit
05/28/2019Murari Ramkumar
Fuel Cell H2/O2/Air
Great as usual!
05/28/2019Yung-Jui Chang
Plain Carbon Cloth - 1071 HCB
It is slightly difficult to cut to reproducible sizes due to the large thread size. Once cut, threads on the edges will unweave easily. However, it works as expected.
05/24/2019Katherine McMahon
Toray Carbon Paper 090, Wet Proofed
Exactly what we needed, fast and easy order and delivery service.
05/22/2019Karen Pankraz
4 mg/cm² Platinum Black - Carbon Cloth Electrode
This is awesome and is the best I've used!
05/15/2019Renhe Wang
Intelligent Fuel Cell Car Lab
Perfect product, excellent delivery abroad, I am totally happy.
05/14/2019Helmut Muthig
Platinum Black - High Surface Area, Low Density
Works well as described.
05/07/2019Zhenmeng Peng
Flex-Stak Assembled
Works well as described.
05/07/2019Zhenmeng Peng