Customer Reviews

Nafion 1110
This Nafion 1110 membrane is ideal for electrochemical cell with gas-diffusion electrodes. Will purchase more for research.
01/14/2019Xiaofeng Feng
AvCarb GDS2230
High-quality carbon paper for fuel cell studies.
01/14/2019Xiaofeng Feng
Nafion 117
The Nafion membrane is very good for our electrocatalysis studies!
01/14/2019Xiaofeng Feng
Panex PW06 Carbon Fiber Fabric
Product received in good condition. Thank you.
01/10/2019Mimi Hani Abu Bakar
CeTech Carbon Cloth with MPL - W1S1009
01/02/2019Wei Chen
Intelligent Fuel Cell Car Lab
Kit turned up quickly with everything well protected, assembly was reasonably straight forward my only complaint was arming everything with the appropriate water particularly the fuel cell once that was sorted it has worked very well particularly during lectures
12/31/2018Jerry Dolan
Nafion 117
Good product, quick delivery, nice service.
11/15/2018MyungKyu Lee
0.03 mg/cm² 20% Platinum on Vulcan - Carbon Cloth Electrode
Nice carbon cloth!
11/14/2018Deyang Qu
0.3 mg/cm² 40% Platinum on Vulcan - Carbon Cloth Electrode
Nice carbon cloth!
11/14/2018Deyang Qu
MudWatt Microbial Fuel Cell Kit
11/02/2018Cecilia Hernandez Torras
MudWatt Microbial Fuel Cell Kit
Very good product!
10/30/2018Christian Malaga
Flex-Stak Kit
Delivered on time and in great condition.
10/17/2018Gerard Kesselring
Porex PM21M
It allows air to pass through and holds back water perfectly. E6000 super glue will stick to it. And it's some pretty cool material. The staff at fuel cell know what they are doing. I will come back again.
10/17/2018dallas zyadet
Nafion 115
This is a high-quality ion exchange membrane and is great for our study of electrocatalysis!
10/15/2018Xiaofeng Feng
AvCarb MGL370
It is a high quality carbon paper for electrocatalysis study.
10/01/2018Xiaofeng Feng