Customer Reviews

AvCarb G600A Soft Graphite Battery Felt
Very fast delivery. 3 days Texas to France
12/02/2020Tim King
Flex-Stak Assembled
" torque wrench (1 in/lb, 3/8 inch nut) are necessary to a..." Does"in/lb" mean "inch pound" of torque wrench? I can't find any proper one to meet your suggestion.(the smallest is over 10 inch pound of torque measuring range.
12/01/2020Y Chung
Titanium Frit
The Ti frit is a nice thick GDL. It solved our conductivity problem.
11/30/2020John King
Nafion™ 117
good packaging
11/02/2020saeid isari
D1021 Nafion™ Dispersion - Water based 1100 EW at 10 wt%
good and excellent, best delivery and handling
11/02/2020saeid isari
D521 Nafion™ Dispersion - Alcohol based 1100 EW at 5 wt%
powerful Nafion!
11/02/2020saeid isari
Nafion™ 211
good packaging
11/02/2020saeid isari
Fumasep FBM - Bipolar Membrane
Industry standard material fro BPM
10/14/2020Anders Laursen
Teflon™ PTFE DISP 30 Fluoropolymer Dispersion
We use this for catalyst binder and wet proofing
10/14/2020Anders Laursen
Nafion™ 115
Perfect for our use
10/14/2020Anders Laursen
Mylar Laminate (Self-Adhesive) - 9" x 10"
Works perfectly for sealing membrane and electrode assemblies
10/14/2020Anders Laursen
Sigracet 22 BB
Good GDL for modification with catalyst. Microscopy shows minor cracks in MPL layer
10/14/2020Anders Laursen
Nafion™ 212
Thank you for your delivery time and service
10/01/2020Jonghun Jo
Teflon™ PTFE DISP 30 Fluoropolymer Dispersion
Great product! I mixed it using a centrifugal ball milling mixer, at 500 rpm for 10 minutes and measured its particle size. It was exactly the same as the intact suspension.
10/01/2020Shirin Mehrazi
AvCarb GDS3260
09/29/2020kouji hattori