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Fumasep FBM Bipolar Exchange Membrane with PK reinforcement consists of an anion exchange layer and a cation exchange layer manufactured using a patented multilayer-coating production technology.

This composite membrane is chemically stable and mechanically reinforced with woven PEEK. In the intermediate layer between Anion Exchange Layer (AEM) and Cation Exchange Layer (CEM) water is catalytically active to force dissociation of water into OH- and H+ – ions when exceeding a potential difference of approximately 0.8 V. The membrane should be operated under forward bias conditions which may cause blistering. The CEM must be directed towards the cathode, the AEM must be directed towards the anode. If the membrane is used in the wrong position at high current density even for short term, the interim layer may degrade (blistering), and the monolayers may delaminate.

The electro-catalytically forced water dissociation produces – in contrast to the classical electrolysis of water – no reaction gases. Therefore, one Mol of OH- and H+ – ions can be achieved at an energy value of approximately 22 Wh (Electrolysis: approximately 55 Wh per Mol).

Fumasep FBM membrane comes in a 20cm x 30cm size sheet is delivered in wet form.

Fumatech membranes are highly sensitive to differences in humidity and moisture content. Therefore the membranes can vary +/- 0.5cm from the original cut sizes. Also due to this sensitivity the manufacturer expects wrinkles to form, however soaking the membranes in deionized water will return the membranes to the full size planar state according to the manufacturer.

Fumasep FBM membrane is Easy to Use and Show:

 • High water splitting efficiency (> 98% at 100 mA cm-2 in 0.5 M NaCl at 25°C)
 • Low water splitting voltage (< 1.2 V at 100 mA cm-2 in 0.5 M NaCl at 25°C)
 • Excellent mechanical properties at low thickness (0.13 – 0.16 mm)

Fumasep FBM Features:

 • Application: Salt Splitting
 • Bipolar Exchange Membrane
 • Can withstand high caustic concentrations
 • Thickness: 200 - 250 micrometers (7.8 - 9.8 mil)
 • Size: 20cm x 30cm

Fumasep FBM-PK Technical Specification Sheet


Please pay attention that the membrane surface is not contaminated with surface active agents or will be damaged by mechanical influence.

High attention must be given to the right polarity when using the membranes!

When mounting the membranes it is imperative that the membrane sides will not get mixed up. Therefore, the cation side is marked with ‘Cathode Side’. This side must be directed towards the cathode (see also drawing overleaf).


The membrane should be stored in 1 M NaCl-solution and placed in a closed container. If storage will be for a longer period of time 100 ppm of NaN3 should be added to prevent biological growth. Other biocides have not been used as yet.

The membrane is not stable against chlorine (Cl2).

If you have any concerns before proceeding, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Current – Voltage Characteristics of Fumasep FBM:

 • 4-chamber set-up: cathode – Na2SO4 – CEM – NaCl – FBM – NaCl – CEM – Na2SO4 solution – anode
 • 4-probe measurement: Haber-Luggin capillary (3 M KCl) with Ag / AgCl reference electrodes
 • CEM: Cation exchange membrane FKB
 • Electrolyte loop: 0.5 M NaCl solution / recombined
 • Electrode loop: 0.25 M Na2SO4 / recombined
 • Temperature: 25°C
 • Fixed scan rate, ΔU = 20 mV, Δt = 20 s

Please note that a current lead time of one to two weeks is to be expected.

Membrane Properties
Membrane Bipolar
Thickness 130 - 160 µm (microns)
Appearance / Color Transparent / Brown
Backing Foil None
Delivery Form Wet in NaCl solution
Reinforcement PK
Density 15 - 17 mg•cm-2
Counter Ion Na (CEM layer ) / Cl (AEM layer)
Max Temperature 40 °C
Dimensional Swelling in H2O at 25°C 0 %
Water Splitting Voltage at 100mA cm-2 < 1.2 V
Water Splitting Efficiency at 100mA cm-2 > 98 %

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