1/8" Push-to-connect fitting

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Product Code: 11100001


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Push-To-Connect fittings that are compatible with Flex-Stak Assembled, Flex-Stak Electrochemical Cell, and Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Flex-Stak hardware.  

Technical Specifications:

• Pressure range: 0 - 150 psig @ 130 ºF
• Vacuum: 0 - 29.5" Hg
• Temperature range: 32 - 140 ºF
• Media: Air, non-corrosive water, hydrogen, 1M or less methanol (in deionized water) solution
• Tube Pull Out Force: >20 lb. @ 75 ºF
• Burst Pressure: 350 psig @ 75 ºF
• Materials: Body -  Plastic resin; Metal Stud - Nickel Plated Brass; Gripper Ring - Stainless Steel; Seals - Nitrile

Installation of Tubing Into Fitting:

• Slowly push a clean and perpendicularly cut tubing into the fitting until it comes to a dead stop.
• Pull the tubing back gently until the Gripper Ring of the fitting grips onto the tubing and has a good seal.

Removal of Tubing From Fitting:

• Push in evenly on the two long oval sides of the Release Button.
• Pull out the tubing while keeping the Release Button depressed.
• To reuse the tubing: Cut off the lodged portion of the previously used tubing evenly and perpendiculary.

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