LBE-P2SC (PEM Water Electrolyzer Small Stack - 2 Cell)

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This is a proton exchange membrane (PEM) based water electrolysis stack with excellent lifetime and performance.  This stack is made of 2 cells and the series of this product line has other number of cell options up to 24 cells.  High-efficiency platinum (cathode) and IrO2 (anode) electrodes with a mechanically robust and durable PFSA membrane such as Nafion 117 as the core technology for this PEM water electrolyzer stack will enable the researchers and product developers to generate H2 and O2 gases at purities >99.99% without any downstream processing of the generated gases. Gases are generated fully humidified and can be used either in a fuel cell stack directly or via a storage medium and the manufacturer of this PEM electrolyzer stack leaves that responsibility to the end-users for identification of all the balance of plant components and how it can be integrated with those sub-components for its safe usage.  Use of proton exchange membrane and having the anode and cathode electrocatalysts being applied directly to the membrane surface enables very low overpotential and hence, high current values or high efficiencies.

While operational lifetime of any PEM electrolyzer stacks is completely dependent upon many aspects (such quality of the DI-water used, current density and voltage it is operated, operational temperature, number of start up /shut down cycles per day, etc.), most of the commercially available PEM electrolyzer stacks would usually operates for several thousands of hours.  If a care is given to the stack, with a relatively thick proton exchange membrane (such as Nafion 117), lifetimes >12k-15k can easily be achieved, though not guaranteed.  This PEM electrolyzer stack requires 16-18 Megaohms quality distilled water for its efficient operation.  This design is capable of generating up to 10 bar maximum pressure.

Technical Specifications
The followings are some of the major technical specifications for this product:
  • Material (non-wetted parts): Anodized aluminum as the endplates
  • Material (wetted parts): Titanium (as the current collectors and diffusion layers)
  • Membrane: Nafion 117
  • Current range: 0 -40 Amps (at ~1.8V per cell)
  • Voltage range (at the terminal of the stack): 3.4 - 4V
  • Number of cells in the stack: 2 cells
  • Input power range: 20 - 160 Watts
  • Operating temperature range: 15 - 70 °C
  • Active area: 25 sq cm
  • H2 generation rate: 0 - 740 mL/min
  • O2 generation rate: 0 - 370 mL/min
  • Physical dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 33mm
  • Water supply for anode: Type I DI-water, 16-18 MegaOhm DI-water


  • Lab experiments and teaching
  • Ultra pure H2 gas generation for various R&D purposes
  • Ultra pure O2 gas generation for various R&D purposes
  • Laboratory analytical instruments using H2 gas
  • Hydrogen fuel generation for fuel cells
  • Other lab or industrial applications that would demand ultra-pure hydrogen and ultra-pure oxygen gases


This product was previously sold under the name of PEM Water Electrolyzer 2-cell Stack - Assembled and the new product name is LBE-P2SC (PEM Water Electrolyzer Small Stack - 2 Cell).

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