qCf Quick Connect Fixture Unit - 50cm²

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The qCF Quick Connect Fixture Unit is designed for the reproducible characterization of all internal fuel cell components (Catalyst Coated Membranes, Membrane Electrode Assemblies, Gas Diffusion Layers, Flowfields, etc). This fixture unit allows adjustable pressure impact on the active fuel cell area (directly regulated by pneumatic actuator), independent of flat sealing and overall thickness of internal fuel cell components, and quick and tool-less assembly.

Features for Quick Connect Fixture FC50/125:
✔ Air-pressurized support frame pressure unit: Maximum impact force @ 8 bar air pressure: 9.82 kN; 963 kg; 2208 lbf
✔ Fully integrated heating/cooling layers in gold plated heating plates
✔ Operating Temperature: -40°C - 180 °C
✔ Main switch to open/close of qCf; integrated 5/2 way-valve for piston control (open/close)
✔ Liquid Connectors for Thermostat: 6 mm PTFE / Teflon Tubes
✔ Load connection: 6 mm low ohmic MultiContact ports (anode and cathode side)
✔ Media/Fuel/oxidant connection: 6 mm Swagelok fitting; 4 mm for pneumatic piston / air supply
✔ Dimensions: 350 x 180 x 180 mm; weight: 8.6 kg; working diameter of "pneumatic piston drive“: 125 mm

Features for Cell Fixture cF50/125:
✔ Fuel Cell Active Area: 71 x 71mm; 50 cm² in square
✔ Maximum Operating Temperature: 180°C
✔ Fuels/Oxidants: Hydrogen, Methanol, Reformate / Air, O2
✔ Maximum Back Pressure: 2 bar
✔ No tools needed, fast and precise exchange and operation
✔ Gold plated monopolar / contact plates
✔ Maximum Thickness of Fuel Cell Components: 2 mm
✔ Sealing Material: Viton / FKM
✔ Interface Ports: Sense contact ports and additional temperature sensor bore 2 mm
✔ Housing Material: Epoxi-resin glass fiber reinforced
✔ Flow Field Design: 5-fold serpentine structure
✔ Dimensions: 125 x 125 x 55 mm; weight: 2.7 kg

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