LiNbO3-coated lithium manganese nickel cobalt oxide (LiNbO3-NMC811, LiNi0.8Mn0.1Co0.1O2, CBP-56C) cathode powder

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LiNbO3-coated lithium manganese nickel cobalt oxide (LiNbO3-NMC811, CBP-56C) cathode powder has the chemical formula of LiNi0.8Mn0.1Co0.1O2 for the active material where the outer surface of this cathode material has been coated with a nanolayer of LiNbO3 in order to establish a protective coating for NMC811 to minimize the decomposition solid electrolyte interface (SEI).  Inhibition of the SEI decomposition will allow relatively stable cell operation.  LiNbO3 coating also improves the discharge rate at higher C rates.  The atomic ratio of Ni:Mn:Co in the active material is set to 8:1:1 in order to have high specific energy density, favorable rate capability for discharge and charge cycles, and provide a relatively cost affordable cathode active material for lithium-ion battery applications, especially for electric vehicles and other applications such as field drones, e-VTOL, and consumer electronics.  The stated NMC811 cathode active material is a layered oxide material.

LiNbO3-coated lithium manganese nickel cobalt oxide (LiNbO3-NMC811, CBP-56C) cathode powder can potentially be used for standard lithium-ion cells or all-solid-state lithium ion cells.

Material Characteristics:
Generic Name: LiNbO3-coated lithium manganese nickel cobalt oxide (LiNbO3-NMC811)
Formula for the Active Material: LiNi0.8Mn0.1Co0.1O2
Particle size (D50): 11-15 microns
LiNbO3 Coating: < 10 nm
Scientific Literature:

An excellent article that shows the advantage of LiNbO3 coated NMC811 for an all-solid-state lithium battery is Xuelei Li et al. entitled "LiNbO3-coated LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode with high discharge capacity and rate performance for all-solid-state lithium battery" where a specific capacity of >200 mAh/gram for the LiNbO3 coated NMC811 is demosntrated and how this new material outperforms the standard NMC811 at high discharge rates (0.1C to 5C).

An excellent article that explores the advantage of LiNbO3 coated NMC811 for a standard lithium-ion battery cell is Fengxia Xin et al. entitled "Li–Nb–O Coating/Substitution Enhances the Electrochemical Performance of the LiNi0.8Mn0.1Co0.1O2 (NMC 811) Cathode" where a first capacity loss was minimized to less than ~50%, a charge capacity of 241 mAh/g during first cycle of charging and a discharge capacity of 226 mA/gram after the first discharge cycle (in the voltage range of 2.8 to 4.6V) demonstrated.

Precautions For Safe Storage and Handling:

Personal protective equipment should be used at all times. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Ensure adequate ventilation and avoid inhalation of dusts. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Store in a dry and well-ventilated place. Avoid moisture. Refer to SDS for complete safety information of this material.

NOTE: Fuel Cell Store believes that the information in this spec sheet is an accurate description of the typical use of the product. However, Fuel Cell Store disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages, which may result from the use of their products that are beyond its control. Researchers should use this information only as a supplement to other information gathered by them and should make independent judgment of suitability of this information to ensure proper use and protect the health and safety of employees. Therefore, it is the end user's responsibility to thoroughly test the product in their particular application to determine its performance, efficacy, and safety. Nothing contained herein is to be considered as permission or a recommendation to infringe any patent or any other intellectual right.

A typical lead time of 1-2 weeks to be expected for this product.

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