Customer Reviews

Sigracet 22 BB
08/03/2021kouji hattori
AvCarb EP40
08/03/2021kouji hattori
AvCarb MGL370
this is good quality product. It is suitable for research.
08/02/2021Pikaned Uppachai
Platinum Black - High Surface Area
Fast delivery
07/23/2021Vincent Tan
Platinum Ruthenium Catalyst
Fast delivery
07/23/2021Vincent Tan
AvCarb GDS3250
The AvCarb GDS3250 is a GDL with superior performance at a very low cost. I would definitely recommend this to other customers.
07/22/2021Suseendiran S R
40% Platinum on Vulcan XC-72R
I found the performance of 40% Platinum on Vulcan to be good in my use case. The packaging and delivery were very good as well.
07/22/2021Suseendiran S R
CT GF030 Graphite Felt
Everything is great.
07/16/2021Soorathep Kheawhom
Flow Battery Flex-Stak
Everything is great.
07/16/2021Soorathep Kheawhom
Quattro Electrolyzer
Great product, works exactly as described !
07/14/2021Philip Larstone
Freudenberg H23
Fast shipping from USA to Australia. This carbon paper gave the best results for the battery current collector. I tried more than 4 types of carbon papers and 3 types of metallic current collectors, that this one worked the best.
07/12/2021Rasoul Nekouei
Fumasep FKM
This product has significantly helped stop diffusion of our redox mediators between the compartments of the H-cell. Highly recommended to try. The technical support from the Fuel Cell Store was also fantastic.
07/06/2021Trevor Rapson
Fumasep FAD-PET-75
Good membrane, low resistance for an anion exchange membrane.
06/30/2021Leatham Landon-Lane
Toray Carbon Paper 060 Value Pack, Wet Proofed
Smooth purchasing and fast delivery. Moreover, Toray carbon is an excellent current collector for my battery project.
06/30/2021Soorathep Kheawhom
Carbon Black - Vulcan XC 72R
Does not disperse well in Ethanol. This is a little troubling to us since the Pt and Pt-alloys nanoparticles catalysts we bought form you, which are also dispersed on Vulcan, disperse very well in Ethanol. It would be great if this could be addressed somehow.
06/18/2021Benedikt Brandes