Customer Reviews

Platinum Iridium Ruthenium Black
Thank you.
06/06/2023Hiromitsu Matsuda
Hydrogen Oxygen MEA - 5 Layer
I have not tested MEA yet but basis visual inspection it looks of very good quality. Package has arrived in good shape without any damage. Thank you and Appreciate
05/12/2023Krunal Thakar
Sigracet 36 BB
05/12/2023Kwangpyo Hong
PFSA Dispersion (D5, 5%), Alcohol based
Thank you.
05/12/2023Kwangpyo Hong
20% Platinum on Vulcan XC-72R
Fast Delivery & Well Packing.
05/12/2023Selina Tsai
Freudenberg H15C13
Toray Carbon Paper 030, Wet Proofed
Thank you very much.
05/03/2023Kwangpyo Hong
PFSA Dispersion (D5, 5%), Alcohol based
Thank you.
05/02/2023Kwangpyo Hong
Fumasep FAA-3-PK-75
This one is very good quality and price, next time, i will use this again. Thanks
04/18/2023Jonghun Jo
Fumasep FKB-PK-130
Thank you for provide it. When I need somthing for bettery materials, I usally use this site. It's good quality and price. Thank you.
04/18/2023Jonghun Jo
CT Carbon Cloth with MPL - W1S1011
Great for flexible GDL solution and easy handling
04/18/2023ChungHyuk Lee
Fumasep FAA-3-50
Fast delivery and well received. Thank you!
04/10/2023Selina Tsai
AvCarb P50
Always satisfied with fast delivery and good quality. Thank you always.^^
04/06/2023Yang Hyun Cho
Toray Carbon Paper 120, Wet Proofed
Thank you always.
04/04/2023Kwangpyo Hong
Plain Carbon Cloth - 1071 HCB
Shipping is fast, packing is good. The carbon cloth has a soft texture which is easy to cut to different sizes.
03/31/2023Sharon A Mullen